BioTechUSA - TST + GH (50 servings)

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BioTech USA designed a product which regulates hormonal activity whilst also building muscle mass and a healthy body composition. GH stands for Growth hormone which is a type of protein that consists of 191 amino acids. This typically contributes to body growth during adolescence. TST stands for the testosterone i.e. the most important male hormone. 

BiotechUSA targeted the product for those who:

  • Want to achieve an adequate body composition
  • Want to grow your lean muscle mass
  • Regularly exercise
  • Above 40 years of age
  •  Are lactose intolerant
  •  Are sensitive to gluten
  •  Prefer powders


Lastly, it is very important to note that amino acids are an essential nutrient for our human body which are mainly components of protein. Thereby, one needs to make sure to maintain the level of amino acids intake through our food and supplements.


Key benefits:

  • Based on specific amino acid combination
  • With added zinc, magnesium and vitamin B
  • Sugar-free 
  • Gluten free and lactose free
  • No preservatives


Suggested use:

Consume 1 serving (6g = 1 heaped spoon or 1 tablespoon) with 200 ml before going to bed. Do not exceed the recommended dosage



The Premium Supplements team will always attempt to provide accurate information regarding our products, however, we advise that you do not solely rely on information/advice presented on our website or by a member of our team. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to consult a qualified health professional prior to consuming any of our products, particularly for those who have known allergies, intolerances or any medical complications. We cannot be held liable for any complications caused either directly or indirectly by the consumption of our products.