IronMaxx - Ready to Drink Protein Shake (330ml)

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Planning, organization and foresight are the iron virtues of an athlete when it comes to perfect nutrition. But often all the tedious preparations are thrown by unplanned events over the pile – that’s life! The perfect solution is: Ready to Drink Protein Shake from IronMaxx®!


The liquid counterpart to the protein bar fits into any bag with its practical format. Whether in everyday life, after training or on the road, the ready-to-eat ZERO protein shake from IronMaxx® is the perfect companion for anyone who wants to supply their body with sufficient proteins and amino acids in every situation. The low-carb milkshake turns out to be a true protein bomb, has less than 0.5g of sugar and provides you with 24g of high quality milk protein per serving. By using long-chain casein, the shake is also ideal for bridging longer phases without protein intake and delivers less than 200 kcal per serving. No matter which flavour you choose, the full-bodied flavour explosion will blow you away!



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