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Cheat, not cheat? Utterly decadent, the Millionaire Crunch is the perfect guilt-free, low-sugar, delight! Two of the flavours on offer are fully vegan - making them the perfect sweet treat when you want a vegan millionaire shortbread. Better yet, like all Oatein products, they’re packed full of protein - so you can enjoy them guilt-free after the gym (or just on the sofa, we won’t tell). 

A thick layer of rich chocolate over smooth caramel, on a pillowy bed of oaty, crunchy protein-filled goodness, our take on the classic vegan Millionaire Shortbread, the Crunch is, palm-oil-free and is packed with 15 grams of vegan protein. Oh, and did we mention it’s delicious?

The Crunch is available in three flavours (note, Hazelnut Caramel is NOT vegan); Salted Caramel and Chocolate Orange are unbelievably tasty vegan protein bars, while the Hazelnut Caramel is a vegetarian protein bar.



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