PhD Nutrition - Smart Plant Protein (20 Servings)

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Key benefits: 

  • Smart Protein Plant is a deliciously versatile plant protein powder that can be used in many formats. You can bake with it, include it in indulgent, home-made desserts, whip it into a tasty macro friendly mousse or simply drink it.
  • Smart Protein Plant not only surpasses all taste expectations but also packs 20g plant protein and is exceptionally low in sugar containing less than 1 gram per 25g serving.
  • Smart Protein Plant is also suitable for vegans.

Containing 100 calories (or less depending on flavour) this is the perfect macro friendly option to incorporate into delicious home-made recipes. Expertly, tailor made, Smart Protein Plant Protein has optimal levels of specific ingredients making it an exceptional cooking ingredient.

Whether it’s protein pancakes in the morning, high protein cookies as a snack or a light, fluffy mousse in the evening there isn’t an indulgent recipe you can make without including Smart™ Protein Plant.


Suggested use:

To mix a high protein shake to be used between meals, add 250ml of water into a shaker cup or blender, and 1 serving (25g) of Smart Protein Plant and shake for 10 seconds .



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